‘100’% must-see


With the prizes and prestige of the original show combined with gritty themes of human existence and value, it takes a brave group to take on the play 100. But it is safe to say that is production is not going to disappoint. The plot initially seems simple – you must choose a memory to relive for all eternity, with the small catch of just 100 minutes to decide.

From the moment when Sam Ereira enters on stage as Ketu, you’ll be transported to the Void and into the strange world of 100. The Guide, played by Lauren Jivani, is an enigma wrapped in a conundrum whose ambiguous role helps to create a tension that will have you on the edge of your seat and leave you left with the uncomfortable urge to re-evaluate just about every life choice.

The cast is already excellent, with each member giving a nuanced performance. There’s no stand-out actor yet, but that’s only because each member is so strong individually and the performance is well balanced. Together, the ensemble makes good use of the space and the simple set works brilliantly.

There is one thing that will really lift the whole performance from the good into the great, and it’s the use of music. Played by Jennifer Lai, the music becomes synonymous with mood and the score allows a smooth transition between scenes, fitting particularly well with flashbacks. If you’ve seen the play before, the soundtrack acts a new dimension that makes this interpretation very much worth viewing.

Overall, this looks to be an excellent show that will stay with you long after you’ve left the theatre. In fact, it’s a memory I’d be sad to lose at the end of my 100 minutes in the Void…

100 will show at the Burton Taylor Studio from Tuesday 19th September until Saturday 23rd. Tickets £6/5 and available here.