Brave Archie survives blaze

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Archie, Wadham’s SU tortoise, had a lucky escape on Monday night after a fire broke out in his college enclosure.

Wadham Student Union President Anya Metzer told the paper that the fire was started by a heatlamp being knocked over in the corner of the Snug (the college welfare room). She also stated that four fire engines were called to the scene after the flames were discovered.

Despite this substantial reaction, the fire was quickly limited to one corner of the room.

SU Tortoise Officer Joseph Williamson was quick to say that Archie was “absolutely fine”.

“After a bath he was happily drinking water and munching on some organic watercress.

“The fire was very small and he had a small vivarium to run around in so he just snuggled up on the other side of his enclosure.”

Some have questioned how the lamp was able to fall, as the room had been deliberately locked on Monday night.

Wadham SU Welfare Officer Helly Kipling announced on Sunday that, having discovered the room in “an absolute state”, students would be unable to use it until further notice, except for peer support events.

At the time of going to print, a meeting was to be held on Wednesday morning to investigate the matter further.

However, Williamson called on all to be thankful that the incident was not more damaging.

“The important thing to take away from this is that no person or tortoise was hurt and that the response of the college and fire brigade was so rapid and efficient.”

“I would like to thank the Oxford Fire Department for their help on Monday night.”

Archie is currently making a habit out of being in the headlines, after reports surfaced last month that his tortoise ‘brother’, Theo, had pulled off a daring escape attempt last month.

When contacted by The Oxford Student, Archie was unavailable for comment.

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