Costume Design for Chicago


‘Costume designing Chicago is amazing. We have a fantastic range of different outfits to show off; from burlesque show-girls to commonplace reporters to vaudeville outfits and the murderesses’ abstract apparel.  We wanted to use costume not only to inject colour onto the set, but also to reimagine the 1920s scene.
Chicago Photoshoot -9026


The musical, crossing the boundaries between harsh reality and extravagant fantasy, proves incredibly versatile, so whilst exploring the more abstract concepts of the devious killer, our main aim is to recreate such an iconic, period look.
Chicago Photoshoot -9320
As the 1920s is currently all the rage, our sources have varied from vintage sellers to twenty-first century interpretations of period pieces, and more excitingly – costumes that we are crafting ourselves. This has made research essential! Through costume, this production will offer a new take by spanning the assortment of different types of 1920s entertainment, including sassy, scandalous performers as well as burlesque and jovial vaudeville.
Chicago Photoshoot -9148
Such a musical is bound to entertain, and the costumes alone have been thrilling and challenging to put together.
Chicago Photoshoot -9522
With a large cast and enough costume changes and extravagant make-up looks to keep us on our toes, show week is certain to be one to remember.’ -Anusha Mistry.  Costume Designer, Chicago