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A group of students behind an “excessive” Halloween party in a Somerville accommodation block have admitted responsibility after the college threatened to fine all residents.

An email to students from Dr Annie Sutherland, the college’s Dean, said “several college rules were broken” and “complaints from other students as well as fellows” were received after the party in the Vaughan Building, which continued until 2am.

According to Sutherland, scouts and members of the Housekeeping Department were “forced to clean up vomit”.

The email stated: “In accordance with Somerville’s principle of self-regulation, the Decanal Office will give the JCR and the residents of Vaughan building until 10 am on Wednesday 13 November to provide us with a list of all students who took part in the Halloween party in Vaughan building. We will then impose fines on each person who attended the party.”

She had threatened to charge a “small monetary fine” to all residents of the building if no one admitted responsibility by this Wednesday, but those responsible have told The Oxford Student they have come forward.

One of the freshers who admitted responsibility, and who wished to remain anonymous, commented: “We’re only freshers, and we were trying to have some Halloween related frivolities – without a party in our building we would have been unable to showcase our magnificent costumes,” he said.

“Moreover, we’re too poor to visit any official drinking establishments if we also wish to go out clubbing so have to pre-drink (two cans each, maximum) in college, and without this university tradition we would be unable to meet each other in a quiet social environment and would be forever plagued with the incredible awkwardness of going out with people you don’t know.”

“While I understand that the college had to punish us in some way for breaking the rules, I think they could act a little less like meanies,” he added.

Another fresher added that rumours were spreading that ‘’there were up to 40 people in individual rooms,’’ but that this was not true.

The college’s rules state that parties in rooms belonging to students must be limited to eight people.

A member of the Somerville JCR committee said: “Whilst students should have fun in college, it seems that the Halloween festivities in Vaughan were somewhat excessive.

“It would be very disappointing if more bops were cancelled as a result. ”


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