OUSU Election 2013: Liveblog


22:33  From Oriel JCR, Ben Goldstein brings us exclusive video of the ceremonial singing got a new Trup song.

22:28 Followed by Brasenose JCR ringing with cries of “WE GOT HIM A JOB, WE GOT HOM A JOB, LOUIS TRUP WE GOT HIM A JOB”

22:27  Not only are we back, but can bring you exclusive video from the LJT after-party, including the moment when the ‘joke candidate’ was made OUSU commander-in chief.

22:21 And he made our website explode. Back now, to say loud and clear, LOUIS TRUP WINS OUSU ELECTIONS 2013!!!

20.59 Blythe wins VP (Access and Academic Affairs). Ruth Meredith VP (Charities and Communities).

20.58: Dan Templeton elected LGBTQ Officer.

20.56 The VP candidates are up now.

20.55 More results. We’re going up, with the higher positions coming last. Emily Silcock elected Community Outreach and Charity Officer.

20.52 Results are in. Jack Matthews has won 253 votes for NUS delegate, leading to delight in the Brasenose bar.

20.50 Tom Rutland is on Oxide Radio now, and has just described OUSU as a “bit rubbish”. You heard it here first.

20.49 Louis Trup is looking to the future: “Whatever the result, join us in Bridge”. Akehurst is also going to have a drink, by the looks of it – he has just been presented with a bottle of Glenlivet by his team. He declares that if nothing else, standing for OUSU was “worth it”. Inspirational, or just cheesy? Tweet us @TheOxStu and tell us what you think.

20.46 The Returning Officer will be here in a maximum of five minutes, we’re told. Not long now.

20.44 STILL no Returning Officer. There’s anger in the Brasenose camp, and Louis Trup looks somewhat disappointed:trup

20.40 Akehurst just made some controversial choices on Oxide Radio when asked to choose “snog, marry, avoid?” for the other three candidates. Charlie says it’s gone down badly in the Bartram camp – perhaps some raw nerves were touched.

20.37 The OUSU Returning Office is still not in the Oxide studio. We’re now running seven minutes late.

20.35 Horrendous moment in Brasenose bar as Oxide Radio cuts out. Sympathy to Louis and Ruth, who must be on edge.

20.32 Andrew Rogers, who is running for VP (Welfare and Equal Opportunities) on the Jane4Change slate, has tweeted this image of the atmosphere in Cahill Towers.

20.31 Trup has arrived in Brasenose.

20.29 Six minutes until the result. Charlie Dennis, also News Editor, is in the Bartram HQ. He says the atmosphere is relaxed, but that the tension is slowly rising as the clock ticks on.

20.25 Ben Goldstein, our News Editor, is in the Trup camp. Daniel Paul, a campaigner for LJT said: “I’m nervous, excited; my expectations have been raised. On Monday he was a joke candidate, where now I’ve got to the point where I’ll be gutted if we don’t win.” Meanwhile, Ben says, Ruth Meredith is now in the building, which perhaps makes her the Elvis of student politics.

20.18 Matt Davies, our reporter in the Cahill camp, tells me that the atmosphere is quite lively and some jokes are being made. However, one activist has told him that the “the (sexual) tension in the room is unbearable”. Funny.

20.16 BREAKING: The count has started, and the result is expected at 8.35pm.

20.14 Brasenose bar is clearly the place to be tonight. Ruth Meredith, who is running for VP (Charities and Community), is holding a results night event there – she has created the novel hashtag #RuthCaresAboutVodka. Of course, Brasenose-goer Louis Trup will also be there (if he’s finished in Gino’s, that is).

20.09 A shameless plug: some lovely OxStu people are going to be on Oxide Radio’s election night live broadcast. Give them a listen and stay tuned for the results at 8.30: http://oxideradio.co.uk/listen-in/

20.06 Over the course of the day, various Oxford BNOCs have been touting for votes in the name of various candidates. Cai Wilshaw, who last week engaged in some “abtivism” for Jane4Change, told the Oxford Cocktails Society Facebook group to vote for Jane: “Guys you have 25 minutes to go ahead and vote Jane4Change in this year’s OUSU election!! Go ahead and vote now – they’ve got our support!”

19.57 Former OxStu News Ed Matt Handley has some seething words for Team Alex. He tweeted: “#OUSU2013 ‘Team Alex”s last gasp spam is kind of like on The Apprentice when they start desperately flogging cakes for 8p as time runs out. Except Karen and Nick wouldn’t stand for this bullshit.” Ouch.

19.47 Ben has headed off now, and it’s Nick Toner here until the results are announced. We’re hearing that Louis Trup – of the LJTrup4ousu4change slate – is in Gino’s restaurant with his team, and they are “yet to order”. The results are out in around 43 minutes, so they’d better hurry.

18:55 So, in the dark days between voting ending and the results coming in, the most exciting thing to happen is a really rather pathetic attempt at ‘humour’, ‘banter’ or ‘self-referential irony’. Reclaim OUSU are responsible for this hilarious joke, which appears on their Facebook:



17:41 Secondly, and even more dodgily, Team Alex appears to have sent an email to lots of students at Oxford urging them to vote. I was one of the lucky recipients of the rather generic email despite never having signed up to his campaign:

“Hey Ben [oooh so chummy!],

You might know that there’s an election on for your student union at the moment. You may already have voted, but if you haven’t, I’d really like you to consider voting for me and the rest of Team Alex.”

Here at the OxStu, we’re currently working out whether this is allowed under the electoral rules. We’ll get back to you. In the meantime, enjoy your last few minutes of the election. The election, by the way, has been labelled the “nastiest ever” by a former OUSU President who wanted to remain anonymous. To read more of the negative aspects of this intense campaign, grab an OxStu from your JCR.

17:40 Two bits of last minute email-based electoral drama. First, the Oxford Student Services have proved themselves once again as a paragon of competence by sending an email entitled ‘SIX HOURS LEFT TO VOTE’ at, um, 17.07. When there’s 53 minutes to vote.

16:53 Entering the final hour now of this Electionganza. With the distinct possibility of a Trupset, the other candidates are hacking away for the final few votes. This race, which once was seen as a Cahill-Bartram hack-fight, has been split wide open with a credible left-wing campaign by OxStu favourite Akehurst and “joke”/maybe-he-isnt-joking candidate Louis Trup. The OxStu will have reporters everywhere. We’ll have photos. We’ll have results. Don’t go anywhere.

13:31 Reclaim OUSU gets support from their Hero(es). [Sorry].


13:25 NEW VIDEO FROM LJTRUP. An OxStu exclusive:

13:20 Don’t forget – you can get involved with the hashtag #OUSU2013 and tweet us: @OxStuNews.

13:17 Top Lincoln College chat here. Akehurst spotted at lunch in Lincoln’s bar, commenting that even if he doesn’t become OUSU President – if the majority of Reclaim OUSU win their contests – he will claim victory. Classic spin. Meanwhile, former OxStu editor James Restall explains that there’s only one election taking place today…and that’s the Lincoln JCR election. Witty stuff. The exhilaration is non-stop.

11:20 It’s worth reminding ourselves that the editors of this marvellous newspaper have put their considerable weight behind Nathan Akehurst, the Reclaim OUSU candidate. You can read why here; the comments at the bottom also reveal an interesting debate about how far OUSU should be representative or should lead the way. ‘Interesting’ is maybe too far. It’s certainly ‘mildly diverting for someone obsessively watching this election’. Kill me soon?

11:10 That last post reminds me (it’s Ben Goldstein again here by the way for all you stat fans) that it’s not just the presidential election contest happening today. There’s also a swathe of other OUSU roles up for grabs. One tight race is for VP Women. You can see a very short video of the two candidates – Anna Bradshaw and Trish Stephenson – here. It’s decision time, folks:

11:05 As always, The OxStu is the place to be for high quality election comment. Today, we have two brand new pieces for you. First, there is this pro-Trup piece by his loyal supporter Oliver Sadik; second, there is this piece, rather dramatically headlined, in favour of Angie Normandale for VP Charities and Communities.

Wednesday as it happened:

17:47 Quick head’s up – this is the place to be tomorrow night as we finally put an end to the race. We’ll have people getting responses from all candidates at their HQs/pubs. With the possible exception of Trup, who we’ll just have to chase round Bridge for a while.

16:25 Not even the RO can get through this election without screwing up. Click here to read about OUSU’s attempts today to get a candidate to step down after realising she’s a visiting student and won’t actually be here to do the job…

14:31 Here we go. OxStu editors Sarah Poulten and Tom Ough officially back Nathan Akehurst: “If you want a safe pair of hands, go for Team Alex. But the brave vote goes to Akehurst.” Read more here for the most important newspaper endorsement since the Sun-Major saga in ’92.


We have a video release! Trup has made an “inspirational” video, replete with a mob of followers, a crap Scottish accent and, um, the bagpipes. Trupmania continues, it seems.

12.40 BIG NEWS COMING UP: Rumours at OxStu towers suggest that our illustrious editors are soon to publish an editorial endorsing one of the four candidates. Stay tuned for more; we’ll have the latest.

12.22 Remember, we want your views on the election. What’s your take on tomorrow’s possible Trupset? Are you a Jange kind of gal? Does Bartram float your boat? The hashtag is #OUSU2013; tweet us @OxStuNews.

12.14 The Oxstu is your place to be for these elections. We have an OUSU 2013 section of our website, full of all sorts of comment (including that Louis Trup article). Fresh off the press this morning is a big endorsement.  OUSU big-wig Charlie Baker has, in a rather big surprise, endorsed the maverick candidate: “He is dead right when he urges people to see past the politics of OUSU and actually consider the people who matter in all this: the students.” Read the full comment piece here.

11.12 Confused as to why Jane4Change have made a Mental Health Charter a centrepiece of their campaign? Here’s their VP for Welfare and Equal Opps candidate, Andrew Rogers, explaining why.

10.34 So, what have the candidates been up to? Well, L.J. Trup has had a big night of campaigning…DJing in Freud. Oxford hasn’t seen such a maverick in years – student politicians go to Babylove, Louis. BABYLOVE, not Freud. The rumours are that the OUSU powers-that-be are getting rather fearful of a Trupset. Can Trup do it? Or will he be defeated by Balliol’s Bartram, Queen(‘s) Cahill or Lincoln hotstuff Akehurst? #OUSU2013

10.32 Don’t forget that you can join in on all the fun on Twitter. The hashtag is #OUSU2013 and feel free to tweet us @OxStuNews.

10.30 Morning team! Ben Goldstein here for the morning shift. It’s Wednesday, or should I say ‘Democracydaypart2’. Am I right? AM I RIGHT? Election fever hasn’t felt this fierce since Lincoln-Douglas. The only difference is that Lincoln and Douglas are now joined by Marx and BoJo. [Cryptic or what?]


Tuesday as it happened:

21.32 I leave you with a picture of LJ Trup’s novel hacking techniques. Stay classy, Oxford. #OUSU2013

21.25 Returning to the issues, OUSU filmed a presidential debate between Alex, Nathan, Louis (who sings his contribution) and Jane

21.14 @amy_b_jones tweets in “Trup as Mance Ryder. Just crazy enough to change the game” #GameOfOUSU

21.03 It seems there’s been a bit of an electoral disaster over at Wadham as SU President Anya Metzer tweets that she’s “fucked up one of her votes”

21.00 Tom Rutland certainly is King Robert Baratheon #GameOfOUSU

20.56 What if OUSU were in Westeros? Tell @TheOxStu which Game of Thrones characters presidential contenders would be with #GameOfOUSU

20.49 In this video the potential presidents appear to have mislaid their bodies and LJ Trup plays the harmonica

20.43 Although the OxStu has stayed gracefully above the fray, the Tab has endorsed LJ Trup and the Cherwell editor Nick Hilton has come out for Jane4Change

20.30 Jane4Change’s campaign was stimulated in recent days by the self-described Pullingdon Club’s ‘abtivism’

20.25 Alex stated “Having been around a lot of colleges, we’re feeling very positive”. However, he added “a lot of people seem to have voted for LJ Trup” #darkhorse

20.20 Your loyal correspondent, being hacked by Team Alexphoto-3

20.16 One of the more interesting developments in recent days has been LJ Trup’s pivot from joke candidate to serious contestant. It all started with his OxStu article

20.10 Enjoy rather amateur film-making? Then you’ll love videos from LJ Trup, Jane4Change and Nathan Akehurst. It seems Team Alex haven’t produced any poorly-filmed campaign videos #tragedy

20.05 Ringing endorsement from fresher @AaronPSimons – “I’m a fresher and even I can tell that Louis is what OUSU needs”

20.00 Get involved on Twitter by using #OUSU2013 and tweeting @OxStuNews

19.36 The latest from the race: Jane4Change and Team Alex slapped down with electoral malpractice verdict. Get the full story here 

19:30 Want to know what they stand for? Enjoy their manifestoes: Alex’s is here; Jane’s is here; Nathan’s is here and; Louis’ is here. 

19.28  We’ll start with a run down of all the candidates for President: Alex Bartram, Jane Cahill, Nathan Akehurst and Louis Trup

19.20 Hi, I’m Adam Dayan, and for my sins I’m first up on the OxStu’s liveblog of the OUSU Elections 2013. We’ll be keeping you updated on all the action in the fight for Oxford’s Student Union.


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