Oxford chooses Trup

OUSU presidential candidate Louis Trup made the leap from joke candidate to future student leader tonight as he won a decisive victory.

Winning over 600 votes more than his closest rival, former Queen’s JCR President Jane Cahill, Trup declared that “the people have spoken”.

“It’s going to make a big change,” he told a crowd assembled at Brasenose bar.

“We need to engage people. We have done that, we’re going to do that. We’re going to Bridge.”

Soon after this, cries of, “WE GOT HIM A JOB, WE GOT HIM A JOB, LOUIS TRUP WE GOT HIM A JOB” rang through Brasenose JCR. It is a job that Trup has announced students should be in no doubt he intends to take up.

According to Returning Officer Nick Cooper, who read the results live on Oxide Radio, Trup won 1,685 votes.

He defeated Jane Cahill, who came second, as well as Team Alex candidate Alex Bartram in third place and Reclaim OUSU’s Nathan Akehurst. No candidate other than Trup gained more than 1,000 votes.

Reaction from other candidates has so far been limited. Nathan Akehurst said he was “thrilled that the majority of [his] slate’s candidates were elected”, and claimed a “victory for Reclaim OUSU”.

Turnout in the election remained relatively low, at 20.7%.

Independent candidate Ruth Meredith won the VP (Charities and Community) election, and was joined by WomCam backed Anna Bradshaw as VP (Women).

Two Jane4Change sabbatical candidates won their elections. Yasser Bhatti won the VP (Graduates) race, while James Blythe won the VP (Access and Academic Affairs) poll. Chris Pike – of Team Alex – clinched the VP (Welfare and Equal Opportunities) election.

The final results showed that Trup had attracted 1685 first preference votes. Cahill, Bartram and Akehurst amassed 975, 725 and 587 respectively.

Below is footage of the moment Trup realised that he was OUSU President as of Michaelmas 2014: