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We’re looking for enthusiastic writers, photographers, cartoonists, filmmakers and editors to join the paper in Hilary Term 2014. As the largest student publication in Oxford, The OxStu‘s print edition reaches over 15,000 readers every week and we’re always on the lookout for fresh talent. Add to those 15,000 the tens of thousands of visitors our website gets every week, and we’re the most-read publication in Oxford.

Working for The OxStu is a fantastic way to gain experience in journalism, and even work with national newspapers. If you’re still not convinced, here’s just a few things that our journalists got up to last year:

– Sold more stories to the national press than any other student publication in Oxford.

– Interviewed Hamid Karzai, Ben Ainslie, Laurie Penny, Bill Nighy, John McCain and even the Dalai Lama.

– Bagged internships at The TimesThe Daily MailThe SunThe IndependentThe Guardian, The Daily Telegraph and the BBC.

– Attended press previews of the latest cinema and theatre releases.

– Reported on exclusive speaker events such as visits by Michelle Obama and Aung San Suu Kyi.

Join the fun and watch your work go out to thousands of Oxford readers. No experience is required.


We are recruiting for all sections: News, Comment, Features, Music, Drama, Film, Science & Technology (including gaming), Arts & Literature,  Fashion, Sport, Photography & Digital Content.

We are currently hiring editorial staff, news reporters, staff writers, sub-editors, photographers, filmakers and cartoonists. Positions are held for one term, at the end of which candidates must re-apply either for their role or another. If a candidate is unsuccessful in attaining the position they apply for, they will be able to discuss alternative options with the current editors.


Editorial Positions

Editor-in-Chief and Deputy Editor
Applications are now open for the the position of Editor-in-Chief and our team of Deputy Editors of The Oxford Student for Hilary Term 2014. If you would like to apply for any of these roles please submit your CV and a 500 word (maximum) analysis of the paper’s strengths and weaknesses to [email protected].

The deadline for the application of Editor-in-Chief  is Monday of 7th week (25th November) at midnight and for Deputy Editor is Wed 7th week (27th November) at midnight.

The interviews will take place in 7th week.


Digital Team

We’ll be expanding our digital content next term and need a team to get behind this exciting project. Applications are now open and will close at 3pm on Saturday 30th November. To apply send a CV and 300 words detailing your ideas for the website to [email protected]

Online Editor

Overall responsibility for our digital content: managing the website, social media and driving our online presence forward. Some technical knowledge, editorial skills and familiarity with WordPress required, but no progamming ability necessary. Enthusiasm and new ideas welcome.

Technical Editor

Redesigning and overseeing the new website. High level of technical ability including WordPress a must.

Broadcast Editor

Responsible for all multimedia: managing our relationship with the Preview Show to create and source video content, podcasts and playlists.


Section Editors

Section editors are in charge of organising content and admistrating design of one of the newspaper’s sections: News, Comment, Features, Fashion, Screen, Stage, Music, Arts & Literature, Science & Technology and Sport. This role is likely to take up around 15 hours a week. Applicants should have some experience of journalism. Applications are now open and will close at 3pm on Saturday 30th November. To apply send a CV and 500 words detailing the strengths and weaknesses of the section you wish to edit to [email protected]

Deputy Section Editors

Deputy section editors act as both senior writers in their respective sections and general assistants to their section editors. The role also hold the additional responsibility of managing the uploading of online content for their section. This role is likely to take up around 10 hours a week. Some previous experience of journalism is preferable. Applications are open and will close at 3pm on Saturday 30th November. To apply send a CV and  a 300 word cover letter detailing the strengths and weaknesses of the section you wish to deputy edit to [email protected]

Photo Editor

The photo editor is responsible for coordinating all photography for the newspaper. Applicants must be prepared to be on call throughout the week to delegate tasks to members of the photography team. Applicants must have their own cameras and previous experience in photography. This role is likely to take up around 5 hours a week. Applications are open and will close at 3pm on Saturday 30th November. To apply send examples of your work, a CV and a 500 word cover letter summarising the strengths and weaknesses of the Newspaper’s photography to [email protected]

Chief Sub-Editor

In charge of scheduling, coordination and quality control in the sub-editing department (see below). Applicants should have previous experience of sub-editing of some description. This role is likely to take up around 6-8 hours a week. Applicants should submit a CV and a 500 word cover letter detailing why they feel they are qualified for the role. Applications must be sent to [email protected] by 3pm on Saturday 30th November.


Sub-editors moderate the style and coherence of copy from across the paper as well as catching spelling and grammatical mistakes. Applicants should submit a CV and a 300 word cover letter detailing why they feel they are qualified for the role. This role is likely to take up around 3-5 hours a week. Applications must be sent to [email protected] by 3pm on Saturday 30th November. No previous experience is required.


Staff Positions

(see below for details of how to apply for these positions)

All applications for staff positions must be submitted by 3pm on Saturday 30th November.

Staff Writers

This role is perfect if writing is what you’re interested in, or if you want to test the waters and have a flexible commitment before making a bigger time committment. You can conduct interviews and write on topics of your choice – or meet commissions from our section editors. If you want to be a food columnist, theatre reviewer, sports reporter or anything else beside, this is a great way to increase (or begin) your portfolio of published articles.

News Reporters

As part of our news team, you’ll gain two immensely valuable skills: how to find out what is happening around you and how to explain it as simply and as clearly as possible. Apply if you have a passion for journalism and want to work with other people who do too.

Multimedia Team

As a member of our multimedia team, you will be involved in creating the videos, podcasts and other media that are bringing The Oxford Student into the digital age. For this role it would be preferable if you have previous experience, or even your own video equipment. However, anyone is welcome to apply if they are enthusiastic about expanding the newspaper’s multimedia content.


We use hundreds of original photos over a single term. If you have experience in photography and are interested in expanding your portfolio as well as circulating your photographs to a weekly readership of thousands apply now! Due to funding restrictions you will be required to provide your own equipment.


We’re constantly on the look out for people with artistic flair and a wry sense of humour to provide satirical and political cartoons for our publication.


HOW TO APPLY (for Staff Positions)

Simply download and complete the relevant form, and email it to [email protected] with ‘[Section] [Position] Application’ as the subject header (e.g. ‘Comment staff writer application’).

All applications must be submitted by 3pm on Saturday 30th November.

For Staff Writer or News Reporter positions: Download (Microsoft Word 97-2003 Document)

For Photography/videography positions: Download (Microsoft Word 97-2003 Document)

For Illustrator positions: Download (Microsoft Word 97-2003 Document)


Good luck, and thanks for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you!


The Oxford Student


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