“Fascist” FIFA ban

Regent’s Park have banned games consoles from their JCR after an influx of FIFA-players was deemed ‘antisocial’.

A PlayStation 3 console was brought into the Common Room without prior consultation with the JCR. Once installed, the exponential popularity of the football video game FIFA 13 soon led to a JCR motion to ban the console, as many students felt they could no longer use the room.

Welfare Rep Andie Gbedemah proposed the motion. It proposed “that all electronic games consoles connected to a television are to be removed from the JCR’ and furthermore that “any future additions of a similar nature be voted upon by the JCR”.

The motion was passed comfortably, but not without contention, with reports that one student branded the proposal “fascist”. The PlayStation 3 has now been removed.

Undergraduate FIFA-enthusiast Tom Fawcett opposed the motion. He said: “The ban on Regent’s PlayStation 3 represents a saddening concession to ignorant populism. I did my very best to offer a spirited defence of the console’s importance to our enjoyment of university life here at Regent’s Park, but the outcome of the vote was apparent before debate even began”.

Gbedemah and JCR President Harrison Denner were unavailable for comment on whether the motion had been accepted graciously.

It is unknown whether the FIFA-players of Regent’s Park have found a new location to pursue their hobby.