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Students at Lincoln were woken in the middle of the night when a fire alarm was set off by The Mitre pub staff.

The incident occurred when staff from The Mitre pub on the corner of Turl Street and the High Street set off the alarm by smoking late at night in their staff accommodation above the pub.

The unexpected alarm was met with varying reactions by those students who were awoken. Jamie Cotton, a PPEist at the college, seemed unperturbed by events, commenting: “Fire alarms have come in so many bad situations that having one while asleep was welcome relief.”

Others, however, were less pleased.  Marco Alessi, a second year English student, added the incident to a list of grievances with the high street pub: “The fact that the Mitre plays Blurred Lines on repeat and I can hear it through my floor is annoying, disrupting my essay crisis is a whole other story.”

Manager of The Mitre, Andy Cowan, countered the disgruntled Lincolnites  by stating that it was not uncommon for students to set off the building’s fire alarm in the middle of the day.

He commented: “We have to deal with fire alarms going off throughout the day in the middle of the day, often interrupting service for customers. We don’t ask and don’t particularly mind the reasons for the alarms going off; we suffer in silence.”

He added: “The issue has been discussed with college staff and we will do our best to ensure it won’t happen again.”

This is the latest in a series of dramatic fire-related incidents to occur this term. On Sunday of 5th week, a Regent’s Park student was responsible for setting off two fire alarms in the course of an hour when she first burned her dinner and then caused a blaze by leaving a pack of butter on the stove. It was also in 5th week that Archibald Manshella, the Wadham College tortoise, narrowly escaped serious injury when a lamp that was left on to keep him warm overnight, started a fire in his enclosure.



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