Magdalen VP criticised for email

The outgoing Magdalen JCR Vice President, Jamie Miles, has been criticised for a recent email sent to members of the JCR.

The email, which addressed issues of bullying and harassment within college, included a link to an image of a wrist showing evidence of self-harm.

He has since sent an email apologising for the graphic content of the image, saying that “it was something I can only say sorry for and add to the list of hard lessons learned this term”.

In the original email he spoke at length about problems of bullying at Magdalen, saying that “from the incidents I know about, there have been various JCR members who have been victimised by a minority of other members”.

Quoting an email he once sent “to someone who thought about making my life more difficult”, he advised them to “just remember that one day, one of your vindictive or sarcastic remarks might be enough to push someone over the edge.  People have enough to cope with in this place”.

Henry Gillow, a Classicist at Magdalen, told the Oxford Student that he thought the self-harm reference “was a mistake and he meant absolutely no harm by it.”

“He’s been a very good Vice President and shouldn’t be criticised,” he added.

When approached about the problem of bullying within Magdalen, no JCR members we spoke to were willing to comment on the reports.

Josh Chauvin of Mind Your Head, OUSU’s mental health campaign, claimed that “bullying is linked to a number of negative outcomes, including increased rates of depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and suicide, particularly when it occurs alongside existing mental health conditions”.

Charlotte Hendy, OUSU Welfare Representative, said that “bullying and harassment of another student is unacceptable, and OUSU condemns such behaviour”.

Jamie Miles did not respond to a request for comment.

OUSU recommends the National Self-Harm Network, which has an online forum email address and freephone helpline: details can be found at