Cracking the Secret of Secret Santa


The advantages of Secret Santa are common knowledge: alleviating the pressure to buy something for everyone in your friendship group or the awkwardness of not knowing who will be giving gifts and who won’t; it ultimately ensures that everyone gives something and everyone gets something. Yet there are other considerations which can mutate the whole experience into another unwelcome hassle if you get someone you don’t actually know that well and only have vague impressions to go on, for example. Fear not.  OxStu Fashion is here to help (again). Allow us to suggest a few buys, all of them under £5. Happy shopping.

The Serial Clubber

For a party animal whose clubbing credits would put L.J. Trup to shame, try adding something to their outfit which will help them to stand out. This Disco Glow nail polish is sure to catch the eye, even in the low light of a club, mainly because it actually glows in the dark and comes in several vivid colours.  It will make a great addition to any outfit, regardless of the wearer’s gender. 


The Inky-Fingered Writer

For the person who you can’t take anywhere without them producing a notebook and jotting down a few lines because their muse simply cannot be ignored: provide them with hours of fun with a writing map. These maps have writing prompts designed to be used as you walk around any city, drawing inspiration from the things around you. There are several different ones to choose from, including one for the writer’s natural habitat: cafés.

writing map

The College-Proud Enthusiast

They already have the scarf, the cufflinks, the tie, the polo shirt, probably even the underwear, so what can you add to their collection? This lapel pin is an oft-overlooked part of any college devotee’s collection. It’s available from most places which sell official university merchandise for just £3, so you might even have enough left over for a card featuring their college in the snow…


The Disorganised Scatterbrain

Every time you see them they seem to be searching for something. To put anything down in their room is to instantly lose it. Take pity on your poor friend and get them a keyfinder keyring. It will save at least a few minutes of rooting around in their room, because they can simply whistle to find their keys.


The Hipster

For that guy who still regrets shaving his Movember efforts off, and can periodically be found examining his upper lip to ascertain what level of growth is currently there, this emergency moustache is ideal. This can also be a good gift for girls wishing to mess with the gender binary, fancy dress enthusiasts, and people who are really, really excited about Anchorman 2.






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