Three hospitalised after falling debris at Varsity party

It has emerged that three students were hospitalised and a number of others injured during the final night party of Varsity Trip this year.

Toward the end of the Oxbridge party, held on Thursday the 12th of December, material fell from the ceiling of the Tignespace venue.

There were no serious injuries, although three partygoers were sent to Bourg St Maurice Hospital, 40 minutes away, for precautionary checks. All three were safely returned to the UK on the 14th of December.

One representative from NUCO, the snowsports company that organised the trip, said that she had “never seen so much blood”. Likewise, Somerville student Fredrik Hellström claimed that he had seen “people with bloody faces” toward the end of the night. “I thought there might have been a fight”.

Speaking to the Oxford Student, Pete Calvert, the President of Varsity Trip 2013, was concerned about rumours that the ceiling had fallen in at the event: “to clarify, the ceiling did not collapse. The falling debris was excess building material”.

The sports-hall style venue is described on its website as “high-tech infrastructure”. Tignespace was unavailable for comment on the matter.