5 Musical Christmas Crackers

OxStu Music takes a listen to some of the more obscure of this year’s Christmas songs…

At some point in their musical careers, most artists will try something Christmas-themed. The most tactful of them release understated recordings of old favourites, such as Bright Eyes’ aptly named Christmas Album. Others will attempt to write something fresh and exciting, resulting in humorous but often disastrous new songs, which are promptly forgotten and rarely re-aired. Christmas may nearly be over for another year, but we’ve brought together a few of this year’s efforts before they disappear forever (in some cases, thankfully).


Sonic Boom Six – ‘It’s Always Christmas When I Think of You’

Anyone who’s heard Sonic Boom Six’s usual material will be taken aback by this sugar-sweet original Christmas track. This is hardly reflective of the group’s usual urban cool, but it’s definitely catchy.


Kate Nash – ‘I Hate You This Christmas’

2013 saw Kate Nash undergo a serious musical makeover – she reconnected with her riot grrrl influences and wrote some fabulous punk rock. This month, on a surprise Christmas EP, she aired the relentlessly miserable ‘I Hate You This Christmas’ with its very own raucous video.


Lazy Heart Parade – ‘Christmas in Bed’

The Guardian recommend Lazy Heart Parade, along with nine others, if for some reason this set of Christmas crackers isn’t enough for you. Thanks to the wonders of the internet and Christmas generosity, it’s available to download for free from the sextet’s Bandcamp.


Kelly Clarkson – ‘Wrapped in Red’

On the poppier side of things, Kelly Clarkson has her first festive collection out this month, and though cringeworthily clichéd, I bet it’s been plenty of hipsters’ guilty pleasure this Christmas.


Crayon Pop – ‘Lonely Christmas’

Ever wondered how South Koreans celebrate Christmas? Crayon Pop’s ‘Lonely Christmas’ is more K-Flop than K-Pop. If you want to suffer even more culture-shock, it’s only a click away.