Sherlock’s Empty Hearse Ready To Be Revealed


‘What life? I’ve been away.’

Indeed you have Mr Holmes, but the time has come for your return! The day that Dr John Watson and a mass of fans have been waiting for is almost here. The great detective is to return to the silver screen the evening of New Year’s Day, after a two year break, for the first episode of Sherlock Series Three.

If you haven’t had time to catch up on last series, then here’s a quick recap. Series Two began with a warning from arch-nemesis Moriarty that Sherlock couldn’t be allowed to continue the good work. Disregarding this advice, Sherlock went on to meet The Woman who stole his heart, uncovered the H.O.U.N.D project at Baskerville, and finally engaged in a battle of wits against Jim Moriarty in person. With a falsified identity as a fraud having been ‘leaked’ to the press, and suicide the only way to save his friends from the bullet of a sniper, both Sherlock and Moriarty appeared to die that day on the hospital roof. But what really happened? And if Sherlock survived, then could Moriarty also be making a reappearance…?

If the wait for answers seems just too long, then the BBC have put together a selection of teasers. Released this month, there is the official promotional advertisement, an interactive trailer (definitely worth a look), as well as Christmas Eve’s publishing of a new blog post by Dr Watson AND a seven minute short episode! All are available online, and the short episode in particular reveals a couple of intriguing possibilities for the direction of the next series. If that still isn’t enough Sherlock to satisfy any curiosity cravings, then interviews with the cast and crew reveal a few crucial details; there will be a wedding, there’s a new big bad villain, and the first episode is called The Empty Hearse.

‘I don’t care how you faked it – I want to know why.’

Of course, not everyone agrees with this statement made by Watson in the official trailer. In fact, the mystery of how Sherlock survived his jump from St. Bart’s roof has kept fans from across the world speculating in earnest. ‘The Reichenbach Fall’ concluded with Sherlock leaving his last note to Watson, before hitting the pavement and being wheeled away into the hospital, with no pulse and a bloody head injury. Next moment he is seen standing not far off from his own grave. So the big question on everyone’s lips: How did Sherlock survive?Sherlock - Episode 3.01 - The Empty Hearse - Full Set of Promotional Photos (5)_595_slogo

Arguably the biggest and best-kept secret in television for the past couple of years, the internet abounds with conspiracy theories. Many are actually incredibly plausible, although as co-creator and writer Mark Gatiss voiced, there aren’t that many ways to throw yourself off a roof and live to tell the tale. Some of the best examples include a mattress hidden inside a dumpster truck, a cyclist with narcotic spray, and a body-double. If that’s got your head rolling with new ideas, Buzzfeed recently offered its top nine best theories, a neat collection from a variety of sources.

For Sherlockians, hardcore detective fanatics, or viewers looking for something different on TV, the New Year will hopefully be off to an impressive start. Pull out the deerstalker, prepare your mind-palace, and put your own scientific deduction to the test. The world’s first and only consulting detective is back in London and ready to work. From all the evidence, whether Sherlock will be allowed to do so in peace is hardly a challenging observation. It’s elementary – of course not!

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