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I remember someone once told me that they only wore black so as not to distract them from their own personality and vibrant thoughts.  I also remember thinking that this was ridiculous.  I certainly don’t wear black to make any kind of philosophical statement.  Yet simple, elegant, and multi-functional, black certainly is my colour of choice at the moment.

So I have been wondering lately: do I wear too much black? Monochrome seems to be making a re-appearance on the high-street and the cat-walks, as are block-colours, but perhaps it is possible to overdose on one particular theme.  Without the right additions and accompanying colours black can appear too drab and boring.  There is the additional danger of making an outfit appear too severe and wintry.  As we enter the New Year is it still appropriate, or even sensible, to be seen wearing such somber tones at a time when we need to seek release from the drab and dreary post-Christmas blues?

So, how much black is too much black? Fortunately, it is very easy to get it just right.  When going out black can look great for dressing-up or when hoping to achieve something more spontaneous.  A simple black dress, for example, is extremely versatile with the ability to look great on its own or mix with eccentric jewelry or a jacket.  Little Black Dresses are popular with A List celebrities who can always be counted on to style a new version of this timeless classic.  Similarly, unlikely to distract or clash, never underestimate the functional purposes of a dark shirt or skirt when frantically trying to create a new outfit out of your existing wardrobe in that rush to start the evening.


Moreover, in the day, I have found that a black jumper, jeans or t-shirt reduces fuss and can still look smart and stylish.  Black or dark shades are endlessly versatile. Patterns work well with black items which can be checked, stripey, floral or marbled.  They also work well with other bold or vibrant colours, such as pink or blue, which will complement rather than compete with basic black garments.  Nevertheless, dark shades or monochrome by itself are always a safe fashion decision as well.

I am resolved to say to myself that black doesn’t have to be morbid or stark, it can be an unpretentious and consistently classy style choice and one that can be made to look just right for everyone and anyone.

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