Rogue email reveals Univ’s worst-performing students

A member of staff at University College has accidentally emailed all undergraduates the names and marks of almost 50 students who received “poor results” in Michaelmas term collections.

They intended to send students the Hilary collections timetable in an Excel document, but inadvertently included a tab disclosing the results of students who underperformed in the previous term’s examinations.

The staff member subsequently attempted to recall the message in a two-line email, asking members of the college to “please delete the [email] previously sent out as it contained inaccuracies”.

The JCR President, Abigail Reeves, pointed out “that the amended email did not explicitly refer or apologise for the mistake.” She assured students that the Senior Tutor, Dr Anne Knowland, “will be emailing everyone tomorrow morning to explain and apologise for this unfortunate mishap.”

Reeves also said that the individual concerned was “mortified”, and that the Senior Tutor had assured her that “action would be taken with the Academic office to insure that an incident like this never occurs again.”

Dr Knowland apologised to Reeves, saying that “the document was sent accidentally and that the disclosure of results was not intentional.”

The document contained only marks of 2.2 and below – revealing each student’s name, percentage and subject.

Tam Guobadia, a second-year law student on the list of “poor results”, said: “I personally find it quite funny but I understand why some people might be upset.”

“I clearly don’t pride myself on people’s perception of my academic results. It was an accident, and obviously wasn’t on purpose. I’ll get over it.”

Nine law students received marks of 2.2 and below, alongside six engineers.