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The Varsity ski trip came crashing to an end when two buses carrying skiers back from their holiday collided north of Dijon. Fortunately no one was injured in the crash, which left tired students waiting on French roads for over five hours in the early morning.

Benjamin Sullivan was our contact on the scene, emailing moments afterwards with a harrowing account of narrowly avoided tragedy: “I woke at around 3am French time to the sound of our coach driver shouting “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck” and my friend across the aisle staring intently at the road yelling ‘oh my god’”. There were even damning accusations made against French transport authorities that the roads had not been gritted. “It is appalling that the road had evidently not been gritted”, continued Ben, “members of the emergency services slipped while attempting to walk from their vehicles”. Commenters on the OxStu website were swift to express their gratitude to the driver “Dave”.


On a lighter note, the Dark Blues recorded an unprecedented fourth successive victory over Cambridge in the 132nd Varsity Rugby match. Oxford scored 33 points, over 50% more than Cambridge who managed only 15. And all this despite the naughtiness of Sam Egerton, who became the first ever player to be red carded in a Varsity match.

We won’t be seeing Sam for a while; in the wake of his sending off he has received a 15 week ban to think about what he did. Oxford’s captain John Carter gave a stellar performance and was awarded man of the match, but, though we didn’t know it then, it’s his team mate Matt Janney who is the man with the match (see page three for details…).


The JCR President, Vice President, Treasurer and former President at Corpus Christi huddled together at the end of last term to undersign an email attempting to resolve the disappearance of £1,300 from the Treasurer’s office on the evening of the last bop of term.

The email explained that they “are in the process of contacting the police as a result of the Dean’s advice in the hope that the issue can be resolved”. A vacation later and Corpus students still haven’t heard anything from their tight-nit leaders. A police investigation has been begun and we eagerly await details of this mysterious disappearance.


Oxford smashed it in the New Years honour list, nabbing seven awards including four knighthoods.

Richard Dawkins’ ex-wife Marian Stamp Dawkins was among the recipients, honoured for her extensive work in the field of animal behaviour. She is a prominent animal rights’ activist and told the Huffington Post  last year that “the welfare of nonhuman animals needs all the arguments it can get”. Dawkins did a lot to bring up the average for women this year.

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