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Oxford feminist zine Cuntry Living has resorted to Kickstarter to raise funds for its next issue.

A post in the zine’s Facebook group by Charlotte Sykes, one of the co-editors, asked members to “KEEP CL ALIVE” by donating to a page on fundraising website Kickstarter.

“We have 1,535 members so if everyone on the group contributed £1 it would keep us going for a year,” she wrote.

The zine is free of charge. The total printing cost for the last issue was over £600, and it costs just over £1 to produce each issue. The campaign is aiming to raise £1000, to cover full costs for the next issue and some of the costs for the subsequent one.

Georgia Luscombe, another of the co-editors, said that the people behind the publication did not want to start charging for the zine.

“The funding changes are nothing major. We asked colleges for money a year ago, and we got enough to tide us over for two issues.”

“This funding was only for a one off, so we are looking to diversify our sources of cash. We don’t want advertising and we don’t want to charge for the zine.”

“We’re planning to ask other feminist projects like the Everyday Sexism Project and Ladybeard to help us with pledges so it should also be a way of promoting the zine and expanding our readership,” she added.

The Kickstarter page says that Cuntry Living is totally dependent on donations.

“We are lucky enough to have an incredibly loyal network of contributors and readers in the Oxford community. The continued existence of the zine, however, is wholly contingent on donations and contributions. We are committed to keeping the zine free and broadening its accessibility,” it said.

Cuntry Living  claims that it “draws together writers, photographers and artists from all over Oxford under the common cause of promoting gender equality, feminism and LGBTQ issues”.

It is known for its termly “cut and stick” party, at which contributors put the publication together.

You can donate to the zine by visiting its page on Kickstarter.


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