Janney scores once again

Oxford was in the eye of the national press this week after Oriel rugby player Matthew Janney began dating actor Emma Watson.

The media’s focus on the new couple has generated tens of millions of results on Google already, with reporters detailing his 6’1 height, linguistic capabilities in French, Spanish, and Russian, and his recent win against Cambridge in the Varsity rugby match 33-15.

Aside from his academic and sporting capabilities, Glamour.com astutely pointed out that he is “also fluent in the language of lurve”.

Particular attention was focused on a photo of Janney in the bath cradling the trophy from the Varsity game, which the Mail Online noted “would be difficult for Emma to resist”.

Fellow Oriel student, Kate Bradley, said that “people were quite shocked and excited in college when they found out that Matt was dating Emma Watson, but I think the excitement settled down quite quickly”. Paparazzi photos continue to emerge of Emma and Matt’s holiday in the Caribbean. These photos have been seen by many as confirmation of the rumours about a relationship between the two.

Bradley added “it’s a real shame the way that partners of famous people get jumped on, though, especially considering Emma Watson’s been in the public eye for over a decade, she’s never been allowed to have a private life. It doesn’t surprise me that they’ve tried to keep it secret.”

In the past, the press similarly tracked Emma’s relationship with Will Adamowicz, whom she met during her term at Worcester College as a visiting student. The pair subsequently dated for almost three years. She had taken a term out of Brown University to study at Oxford, where she was raised during childhood with her brother