Winging It: 0th Week



This column, which was born today, almost certainly with some complications. With a life expectancy of eight weeks, we’ll take a brief look at the theatre world beyond Oxford. The kind of a look you’d expect from someone fewer than two months old.


Mike Poulton has successfully adapted Wolf Hall and Bringing Up the Bodies for the stage, the shows premiering at The Swan theatre to rave reviews. Seeing over 1000 of her pages condensed into a mere 6hrs 15min, Mantel must be kicking herself for making the classic mistake of writing novels rather than plays: just think of the time she’d have saved herself. And her readers.




The Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, an indoor Jacobean theatre adjacent to Shakespeare’s Globe, opens this week for its inaugural season. Replete with oak frame and ornate ceiling, I’m particularly excited by the return to candles as the sole source of light, thus allowing a return to that golden age where directors could cast unsightly actors without hesitation. The editors have sent off applications already, I believe – ironically of course…


PHOTO/ Luca Bruno Photographer


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