Merton non-collections

A number of Merton students arrived to sit collections last week to find no exam or, in some cases, the wrong paper.

The collections were due to be taken on Thursday of 0th week, but some papers did not arrive due to a misunderstanding between College and external tutors.

Tom Dyer, a second-year studying Classics and French, was one such student, and said: “My collection was in Classical Archaeology/Art, and never arrived at College. They tried to chase it up, but cannot find the paper.”

In a number of cases students were presented with the wrong paper. David Browne, second-year lawyer, said: “The Land Law collection set was using the wrong exam rubric.”

Queen’s undergraduate James Colenutt believes this incident may have lasting repercussions: “My understanding is that at Merton being denied a collection is paramount to having a ball cancelled.

Morale will be seriously down after this incident, and I can see everyone at Merton having to work hard to pick it back up over the course of the term.”