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A sports committee at Queen’s has rejected proposals to address a gender imbalance.

Plans to either invite all men’s and women’s sports captains to meetings of the Amalgamated Sports Committee (known as Amalgers), or alternatively invite all major sports captains and double the number of minority sports representatives failed at a meeting on Sunday.

Last term, sports captains at the college signalled their support for the changes, with one saying “men and women should feel equally encouraged to be involved in sport” while another said the proposed changes “will have a positive impact on the way sport is run at Queen’s”.

At the time of the Michaelmas vote at which the college’s Governing Body approved the plans, JCR President Alfred Burton said that “it was the failure of the organisation to voluntarily change that led to the Governing Body stepping in”. Former JCR President and OUSU presidential candidate Jane Cahill also supported the changes, describing the Governing Body’s decision as “commendable” and Burton’s work on the issue as “fantastic”.



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