RAG provide room service

A temporary ‘room service’ has been set up by students at University College to raise money for RAG charities.

The service, which will continue to operate until the end of 2nd week, has been set up by two Univ freshers, PPEist Adam Weisz, and History and Politics student Aaron Simons.

For a charge of £3 per order the pair are offering to bring anything to Univ students’ rooms, from locations including the College library and Ahmed’s kebab van on the High Street.

All of the money raised from the service will be donated to the four RAG charities: Giving What We Can, the Oxford Food Bank, Education Partnerships Africa and Students Supporting Streetkids.

Talking to this paper about the idea, Weisz and Simons commented that it “came while we were thinking of ways to fundraise for our Jailbreak attempt in a couple of weeks”.

“We figured that students were renowned for being lazy (well, we certainly are), and if getting an Ahmed’s delivered to your door at 3am isn’t a great incentive to donate to charities then we don’t know what is.”

They added: “The RAG charities are all really worthy this year and we encourage anyone to donate in any way they can. We feel especially strongly about The Oxford Food Bank, as it makes a real difference in the local community.”

The service has enjoyed some success with Univ students so far. “If the response were measured in Facebook likes, we would be rolling in the donations. Nevertheless we’ve had a couple of requests in the three days so far, but it is still early days.”

They added: “We hope the post-Park End kebab dash is where the money lies!”

RAG Press Officer Hannah Le Tissier commented: “The Univ scheme is an incredibly simple and unique way of raising money and awareness for Oxford RAG, and we’re really grateful to everyone who gets involved. RAG loves unusual initiatives like this one, as they increase appeal and add to the ever-growing fundraising total. We just hope that Univ students will be feeling particularly lazy in the upcoming fortnight!”