Top Tips for using ebay

Do you spend too much £$£$£ on clothes and shoes and bags and stuff? Do you like wasting time on the internet? Do you like getting mail?

Good news – eBay can help you with all of this!

Those who know eBay and use it a lot will always be keen to tell you two things:

1) How they are addicted to it

2) Exactly how good their latest bargain was to the £££

As someone who regularly does both – I thought I’d share the otherwise useless nuggets of eBay knowledge I have picked up during a holiday spent obsessively refreshing my Watch List…


1. Wait until the very last minute to bid on an item.

This will seem obvious to anyone who uses eBay regularly – but it is the golden rule in bargain snatching. Decide your max price, and bear in mind someone else may be sitting there counting down the seconds as well. Then, when there are less than 15seconds on the clock, enter your maximum bid. This will hopefully give your competitors no time to respond and you’ll win.

2. Watch out for the eBay only ‘Vintage Stores.’

The prices on these “retro flannel shirts” etc. are extortionate. Browse away for ideas by all means, but you’re better off saving a search for “grey levi w27 jeans” than paying £30+ for a pair of theirs. What you want is an unsuspecting seller who is clearing out their wardrobe with starting prices at £0.99 – £20. For example, I have bought a cashmere sweater for £40, which cost about £300+ RRP.

3. Save searches for things you want.

This means that you’ll get the best deals and find the best things – you can check back regularly for new listings which match your search on your eBay landing page. Remember that eBay listings last for an average of about 9days and so you do need to keep checking back to see new things which have been added.


 4. Watch your Watch List.

You need to know when things you want are going to end so you can be ready to jump in there with a bid.  You can even set phone reminders. Make sure to check items whose prices have been bid up since you added them and are now no longer worth it.

5. Check the sellers’ other items and their feedback

This can be a real clue to the quality of what you’re looking at and whether they are someone emptying a wardrobe of hidden gems, nasty trash or peddling thousands of listings for ‘vintage’ clothes. Feedback tells you if someone was ripped off by that seller, so it is definitely worth checking.


 6. Set maximum bids

This is the amount eBay will automatically bid the price up for you against competition until you are the highest bidder or until it reaches your maximum bid. If it reaches your maximum bid you will get a notification when someone bids above this. This is a super handy way to keep on top of bidding without having to raise the bid by 50p every 5 minutes yourself.

Best of luck because a lot of eBay is luck. If all goes well, however, you may develop a healthy eBay habit by 4th week.