Winging it: 1st week



Continuing a cultural trend of resurrecting has-beens, this week the London Palladium played host to An Evening with Sylvester Stallone. An ‘actor’ second only to Brando for unintelligibility (probably a positive if you’ve read some of his scripts), rumour has it that he next plans to (possibly literally) tackle the great Bard. A comedy of errors, presumably…


Numerous recent surveys have exposed some brutal facts about the acting industry. Equity, the union for performers, announced (as a result of a member survey) that nearly 60 percent of its actors were below the poverty line. Maybe they should get a different union. Or get a proper job. Like me.


Reading The Guardian online theatre pages, you might be fooled into thinking that not much has happened this week. Or last week for that matter. Their ‘top story’ for the past fortnight details how Nick Hynter plans to pretty much continue what he’s already doing when he leaves The National Theatre later this year. Thought you’d all like to be kept abreast of this development. I’ll let you know if anything else stays the same.


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