Bear-ly survived: toy and owner reunited at Wadham

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A teddy bear found in Wadham College over the Christmas vacation has been reunited with its owner.

Discovered by Wadham housekeeping staff before Christmas, the message was put out on the college website that the “small, much loved teddy bear” was “hoping to be reunited with its owner”.

The post went on to state that the housekeeping staff were prepared to “look after him/her for the foreseeable future” if no-one came to reclaim the bear in question.

The owner of the bear came forward last week, with the college website now reporting that the bear has been found.

Some Wadham students expressed worry over the mental health of the bear’s owner. “Losing a toy that was an essential part of the fabric of one’s childhood is always difficult to bear,” commented second-year PPEist Joe Miles.

“Even for students,” he continued, “it’s no picnic. I for one know that if I lost my most cherished teddy, I’d be stuffed!”

Others were more concerned for the bear psychic condition. Mirela Ivanova, a second-year historian, remarked that: “The teddy bear truly has had an awful year thanks to a lonesome and distressing Christmas after the shocks and terrors of growing up amongst drunken and debauched students.”

However, Ivanova expressed her happiness when she found out that “it [the teddy bear] has been reunited with its owner”.

Such displays of generosity and community spirit are common at Wadham, and the campaign to return the teddy bear is only the latest in a storied history of activism and community engagement.

Living up to Wadham’s reputation in a rather different way was second-year historian Euan Sinclair-Elliot, who remarked: “It’s good to see Wadham college has given the phrase ‘looking for old bears online’ a rather more innocent meaning.”


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