Cardinal sins? Town Hall replaces the Union

The Cardinals have been denied the chance to host their annual cocktail event in the Union this year. In Trinity Term last year the Union Standing Committee held discussions over the “legalities” of hosting the event, which each year provides “unlimited cocktails, wine and beer” to guests. As a result of these discussions, it was agreed that the event should not be held on Union premises.

The Christ Church drinking society has in the past held its events in the debating society’s buildings, but this term has been forced to move to the Oxford Town Hall.The suggestion of hosting the event once again this year was brought by Christ Church History and Politics Student Ben Sullivan, at the time Librarian-Elect of the Union.

The Standing Committee was given legal advice that it could not use its usual licence, the “Club Premises Certificate” to licence the event as it felt that the supply of unlimited drinks was an “irresponsible drinks promotion”. It was subsequently agreed that the society would not hold the this year.

Tom Fetherstonhaugh, a member of the Cardinals, said “The reason for the venue change has nothing to do with anything controversial – it’s merely that the Union cannot license an open bar for non-Union members as we are sure some of the guests will be.”

“The Town Hall is great, definitely a perfect alternative for the Union, and we are looking forward to the event immensely.” The event has in past years been marred with safety concerns, with instances of calling paramedics, overcrowding and insufficient security provisions.The Dean of Christ Church has previously complained that, “some students have come back to College very much worse for wear for having attended one of these events.”

Normally held in Michaelmas, this year’s event will take place this term on Friday of 2nd Week.