High drama for Balliol alum

A Balliol alumnus has been nominated for an Oscar for his short film, The Voorman Problem.

Baldwin Li, who completed an English degree in 2004, scripted the film, which features Sherlock star Martin Freeman and has received multiple awards and nominations.

Nominated for Best Live Action Short Film, The Voorman Problem tells the story of a psychiatric patient who believes he is God.

Li told the Oxford Student: “It is the transformation of an idea into a tangible film that I find so satisfying. I urge Oxford students to pursue their creative ambitions.

“Oxford is a place full of interesting and creative individuals”, he added.

“The analysis skills I developed at Oxford have aided my film career considerably.”

Li also recounted his fond memories of involvment in student societies such as Music and Pool, quipping that he spent most of his English degree engaged in pursuits other than English. His involvment in acting went no further that Cuppers in his first year.

Balliol showed support for their former student, with JCR President Daniel Turner saying: “It would be comforting to think that his experiences here contributed to his notable successes so early in his career.”

Drama President at the college, Rebecca Hannon, praised the “exciting news”. She said: “I really look forward to seeing the film as soon as I get the chance.”

The result will be announced at the Academy Awards ceremony on 2nd March. Li is currently working on another short film, Full Time, which premiered at the London Film Festival in 2013.