Birth of the brom-com in That Awkward Moment


That Awkward Moment is purportedly the first ‘brom-com’ ever to hits screens, starring Zac Efron, Miles Teller and Michael B Jordan. It’s rare to see a film about men with commitment issues that’s actually from the perspective of a guy and it’s really refreshing to see something different to the repetitive rom-coms that are released in waves, especially at this time of year. This film revolves around three guys, Jason (Efron), Daniel (Teller) and Mikey (Jordan), who make a pact to stay single together after Mikey’s wife files for divorce. Of course, things don’t go to plan, as all three guys happen to find the perfect girl for them at the most imperfect time.

The first few minutes of this brom-com were a bit shaky and had me questioning everything about the film, but it quickly turned into a laugh-out-loud, downright hilarious movie. At regular intervals the entire cinema would burst out into laughter, sometimes with the characters, but mostly at them. It’s full of typical ‘guy’ humour; be prepared to see dildos (lots of them), and listen to men talk about taking a dump. The phrase “You’re an idiot” is repeated numerous times throughout the film and to be honest that’s the best way to describe the behaviour of these guys.

By no means do I think that this film gives an accurate insight into the male mind or any sort of decent advice when it comes to dating but it’s as realistic as a film like this needs to be. That said, there are a few plot points that seem to take male stereotypes a little too far. Of course, this film is fuelled by testosterone but their loyalty to the mantra ‘bros over hoes’ seems to be taken slightly too seriously in light of the events that unfold.

That Awkward Moment is supported by a solid cast, with all three male protagonists giving strong performances. Efron has successfully moved away from being typecast as Troy-from-High-School-Musical having starred in numerous comedies and romances since then. There’s nothing spectacular about Efron’s acting and it is the script that really carries this film forwards; nevertheless, he still does a decent job as male lead. Miles Teller, who plays Daniel, is the real star of this film and is successfully making his way up in the film industry. His character, Daniel, expresses pretty much every thought he ever thinks and usually it’s stuff that should be kept private, but there’s something about him that really draws you in and you can’t help but laugh.

Although the premise of this film is that these three guys are going to have sex with as many random girls as possible, the few sex scenes that there were in this film did not really add anything to the plot. I’m not going to pretend that I didn’t enjoy seeing Zac Efron bare chested and butt-naked, because, trust me, I did, but I can’t help but feel the sex was just for sex’s sake and was just unnecessary. Of course, the idea of romance plays a massive part in this film too, but there’s only about 2 minutes worth of really mushy material. There’s just enough romance to justify the ‘rom’ in ‘brom-com’, but this film definitely leans more towards the comedy side of the spectrum. The jokes are often crude and awkward but somehow this film just works.

All in all, this is an impressively funny film, suitable for both guys and girls. Guys no longer need to hang their heads in shame as they exit the cinema screen because the creation of the ‘brom-com’ means that this film is filled with a sufficiently high level of testosterone to make it male-friendly. You won’t exit the cinema screen feeling like you’ve learnt anything at all about romance but you’ll get a pretty good one and half hour ab exercise from all the laughing which makes it totally worth it.

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