Celebrations for Wadham’s women

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An all-women’s dinner is due to be held at Wadham to mark the 40th anniversary of the college being open to female students.

The decision comes as a result of a motion passed unanimously at an SU (equivalent to a JCR) meeting last Sunday, with no objections raised.

According to the motion, all female students, staff and tutors at Wadham will be invited to the dinner due to be  held in college.

The motion was proposed by second year Historian Mirela Ivanova and seconded by second year Medic Joe Reason.

Explaining her motivation for proposing the motion, Ivanova commented: “The point was that there needs to be more of a ‘women’s community’ and I thought inviting the staff and academics to the dinner with students will help foster that.

“I was worried that there may be a lot of ‘why are men not invited?’ backlash, but was pleasantly surprised by the positive response of the SU.”

She added: “John’s and Jesus have had similar initiatives, and it’s extremely important to sustain this community of women, given it’s still (quite unbelievably) 40 years old. It’s really fantastic to see things like this happen, but still quite crazy to believe that within some of our own academic’s lives women would not be at dinner at all, unless they were serving it.”

Some logistical issues were raised in discussions at the meeting, however it is understood that members of the SU will be entering into discussions with College.

Anya Metzer, Wadham SU president confirmed that: “Mirela and I will be approaching College in the next weeks to pursue the project.”

Lucy Delaney, Wadham Women’s Officer, added: “I am delighted that this motion has passed. This event will celebrate the progress made by women in academia over the past few decades, yet it is also a sobering a reminder of just how late some of these changes have occurred. Hopefully it will prompt greater awareness of the ongoing campaign for gender equality.”

The dinner will form part of a number of events at Wadham to mark the anniversary.

The 40th anniversary of the first female admission is also being celebrated by Brasenose, St Catz and Hertford colleges this year – the first all-male colleges to permit the entry of women.