Univ ballot plans meet controversy

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The planned renovation of a Univ accommodation block is causing problems this week after the College planned to give students of certain subjects priority.

First and second-year students at the College are normally guaranteed on-site accommodation, but construction work at the Goodhart Building means some students will be forced to live off-site next year.

The College planned to give Classics and Music students priority, but changed its plans after complaints from students. An email from the JCR Accommodation Officer told students: “Six spaces will be given to six classicists who will be taking their Mods exam in 2nd year, as requested by their tutor.”

JCR President Abi Reeves said in an email that she agreed: “There shouldn’t be priority given to anyone except Music students (who require the use of a piano crucial to their academic studies).”

“I know there has been a general concern about a failure of communication between first years and the JCR/College over the balloting process,”

“The major problem for the JCR is that although we were clear on when the ballot was to take place, the messages about priority and other issues that have arisen during last week and have been confused,” she added.

The JCR’s Accommodation Officer later apologised for errors made during the process, telling JCR members she failed to “defend your right to have a fair ballot. In that case I take full responsibility. I do apologise and will do my best to make amendments.”

“I think it is the best that the ballot should not take place until everyone of us have fully expressed our opinions and have arrived at a conclusion and everyone of us think it is fair and is happy to accept the outcome of the ballot,” she added.


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