Jesus JCR loves bureaucracy

Jesus JCR has passed a motion mandating a 2,000 word essay to be written after each JCR meeting.

The purpose of the mandate was to encourage “more bureaucracy”.

Fresher Joel Nelson, who proposed the motion, initially put forward that the JCR President should write and submit the essay after every meeting he attended.

Upon discussion in the JCR meeting, the proposal was amended, instead mandating Nelson to author the essay.

The JCR instructed Nelson to write a 2,000 word essay explaining why “more bureaucracy” was a positive.

It was decided that once this essay had been submitted, the motion in its original form would once more be discussed.

JCR Vice-President Alex Proudfoot remarked “I think the motion was just a bit of a laugh and everyone found the meeting amusing”.

He added “We are going to make a greater effort to be more accountable to the JCR in case there are genuine concerns though.”

JCR President Leo Gebbie agreed. He said “I have offered to give more written feedback on the meetings that I attend so that the JCR can remain informed on how I am representing their views.”

He was, however, pleased that he would not have to write the essays.

“We are currently awaiting Joel’s essay”, he said.