Tom Rutland in presidential punch up

OUSU President Tom Rutland was the victim of an assault last Friday while walking home from a club with a friend. A stranger approached the pair and threatened to rape Rutland’s friend. Rutland defended his friend and in response was punched.

Rutland said: “On the way home from Supermarket, in the early hours of Friday morning, I was the victim of an unprovoked assault by a male by Santander on George Street. […] I’m fine now, apart from a bit of a sore head and a pair of trousers with an unintended and not particularly trendy hole in them.”

The OUSU President added: “Anyone who witnessed the assault or who has any information relating to the case should call the non-emergency police number 101, or contact PC5537 Ian Lucas to report it. Students should report crimes to the police – whether they are a victim or a witness. If they need support or advice on any issue then they should contact OUSU’s Student Advice Service”

He also tweeted about the incident, telling followers: “Yeah it’s all okay home safe but really crap” and describing the event as “disgusting”.

The event prompted concern and praise from Rutalnd’s friends. David Townsend, a Law D.Phil and former OUSU President, described Rutland as “pretty He-Man” and commended him for “good work”. A first year historian at Magdalen merely commented “legend!”.

PC Lucas can be contacted at The OUSU Student Advice Service can be contacted at