Victoria’s Secret to release Oxford University inspired range

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Lingerie company Victoria’s Secret is launching a new product line in partnership with the University of Oxford.

The Oxford University line, which is being launched this week, includes pyjamas, t-shirts, short shorts, hoodies and jumpers for women.

Amelia Tudor Beamish, JCR Equalities Representative at Queen’s, commented “Victoria’s Secret may be known for their less-than-progressive portrayal of women, but I doubt even they can turn Oxford-themed pyjamas into something objectionable.”

“Presumably they’re designed to be warm and comfortable for essay crisis nights, perhaps with extra-large pockets for books. I’m sure we can rely on Victoria’s Secret to design pyjamas that suit the authentic Oxford experience.”

Meanwhile, a Somerville English student had a more pessimistic view: “There is so much fake Oxford stash littering the city already, and it only really sells to tourists. It just looks cheap and tacky compared to the real thing. Besides, no one at Oxford wears stash that people who don’t go to the University are able to buy. So essentially it will be a line for tourists.”

The collection is being launched with the help of PR firm Mission, who work with brands such as Belvedere Vodka, Cath Kidston and Superdry.

The line will be run under the Victoria’s Secret “PINK” brand, available online from February 14th, and in stores from February 25th.

This will be the company’s first partnership with a University outside of the United States. It is understood that a Cambridge line has not yet been considered by the company.

The Oxford line follows collections from Ohio State University, University of Michigan and the Army, amongst others.

The concept was first launched in 2008, and the “Collegiate Collection” now includes over 25 universities – though none of them Ivy League.

Some universities even have campus ambassadors for the brand.

The University of Texas boasts “PINK reps”, who promote the brand and collection, sign people up to their “PINK nation” scheme and put on Victoria’s Secret campus events.

Their Facebook page has over 3,000 likes.


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