Winging it: 4th week


This week dealt a terrible blow to theatre, film and various drug dealers, with Philip Seymor Hoffman dying from a heroin overdose. Selfless to his roles, regardless of their tolls, he had some good advice for you ambitious students: “I was young once, and I said, ‘Acting’s beautiful and I want that.’ Wanting it is easy, but trying to be great is absolutely torturous.” It’s the same for critics: why do you think I’m working here? What’s that, you already think I’m great? And you’re the ones being tortured?


“Well, he does look like a little gay boy, doesn’t he?” With this reflection, Sir Ian Mckellen unveiled a posed photographic portrait of himself (narcissism or meta-narcissism?), taken when he was 30 years old. The portrait has been donated to the British Consulate in New York by the University of Dundee, providing yet another reason not to go to Dundee.


Simon Russell Beale has suggested that King Lear (whom he is currently playing at The National) may have been suffering from Lewy Body dementia and revealed that he has researched the condition extensively. He seems to have forgotten that Shakespeare’s Lear is a fictional creation. Perhaps he’s method acting. At least we hope he is. When asked, he wasn’t quite sure…