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Gilligan Moss – ‘Choreograph

This song is a beautiful patchwork, constantly mutating as it slides between different beats and textures with alarming ease. The stunning melodies rival those of Four Tet while the tribal vocal build-ups align it with some of John Talabot’s fIN. With ‘Choreograph’, Gilligan Moss has created one of the most exciting songs of 2014 so far.

Axxa/Abraxas – ‘On The Run

An enjoyable slice of lo-fi, psychedelic jangle rock. No, it’s not complex or deep, but there’s no need when you can create such a carefree and uplifting three minutes of music. It is then completely inverted with an eerie ambient outro, suggesting that the upcoming debut album might not be all joy.

Tei Shi – ‘Adder(f)all

Overlapping vocal loops plead “please fall with me” for a minute and a half, before percussion and bass slowly join the mesmerising fold. It suddenly shifts into a tranquil, instrumental interlude, before building up again in reverse. Understated, but undeniably engrossing.

UUL – ‘The Record’ (featuring Elliott Smith)

Elliott Smith does EDM? Not really a surprise that this wasn’t released while Smith was alive. The vocal tracks (lyrics which later became ‘Bottle Up And Explode!’), recorded in the 90s were apparently intended for the purpose of this music. Good if you feel like dancing to Elliott Smith, so, that is, never.

Chad VanGaalen – ‘Where Are You?

Where are you? seems a fitting question, as Chad’s voice attempts to penetrate layers of haze and distortion. It’s a slow-burning, hard-hitting depiction of confusion, but it reveals itself to be far more melodic than it initially seems.

Micah P Hinson – ‘On The Way Home (To Abilene)

‘On The Way Home’ is a mournful but affirming homecoming ode, in much the same guise as Cass McCombs’ ‘County Line‘. Micah P Hinson’s quivering voice emerges from the steadfast drums and steel guitar, effortlessly combining nerves, nostalgia and excitement.

Klaxons – ‘There Is No Other Time

Although only 3 and half minutes, ‘There Is No Other Time’ is a real endurance test. Unimaginative lyrics, beats, hooks and structure; there is almost nothing redeeming. Hard to think how it could be a more generic disco-influenced dancefloor filler.

Damaged Bug – ‘Photograph

‘Photograph’ is a pretty bizarre, warped man-machine hybrid of a song. Despite being hard to penetrate, it’s somehow affecting and helps raise curiosity about the upcoming album Hubba Bubba, which with any luck will be as odd as it sounds.


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