Wadhamites RONned in entz vote

RON defeated three out of the four Entz rep candidates to claim second place in the most recent Wadham SU elections.

Rose Stevens was the only successful student candidate, receiving 14 out of the total 37 first-preference votes. RON (re-open nominations) came in second place with 12 first-choice votes.

Rachel Besenyei, Jack Hayes, and Niamh McIntyre, the three unsuccessful candidates, commented that they “wish RON and Rose all the best as Wadham’s new Entz officers.”

Adam Roberts, second-year PPEist and SU Vice President, took these results as a sign that the electoral system at Wadham is working. He stated that: “It’s not nice, but it’s healthy. We have a good number of uncontested elections at Wadham and this shows that doesn’t mean positions just go to anyone.”

He added: “If the candidates had taken RON more seriously and had encouraged more of their friends to vote, they would almost certainly have been elected. Instead, a small number of opinionated voters were able to carry RON into a very comfortable second place.”

An anonymous Wadhamite confirmed that there had indeed been an “underground campaign to vote for RON” after one of the three defeated candidates had lost favour by continually disrupting fellow students with their loud Facebook chat notifications in the college library.

The Entz campaign manifesto shows the faces of all four candidates photoshopped onto a ‘Mean Girls’ poster under the heading ‘ENTZgurlz’. On it the four candidates pledged that ‘queerfest will be queerer, wadstock will be stockier’ and that there will be ‘mor bangin choonz’ all round.

A first-year Wadham student, who asked not to be named, commented that the campaign reads like a “caricature” of itself, and suggested that the candidates’ lack of “concrete ideas” led to student apathy. The fresher called for a “return to slightly more serious and thoughtful election campaigns”, as “these people are spending real money on real events after all!”