RAG accident leads to lewd images


Visitors to the Oxford Raise and Give (RAG) Facebook wall expressed surprise this week when a video of burritos posted by a committee member was found to contain hidden pornographic images.

The video was intended to promote an eating competition held at Mission Burrito and run by the University-based charity.

The ten-hour clip appeared to run on a loop, and displayed various burrito-related images.

Halfway through the video, however, the words: “WELL DONE, YOU’VE FOUND THE HIDDEN PORN” appeared, followed by a pornographic clip.

The RAG representative who uploaded the video described his surprise at discovering the contents of the video: “It would be an understatement to say I was surprised but […] I could just about see the funny side”

“It turns out that if you watch the video on YouTube and not Facebook, the comments express a peculiar interesting in one small section of the video, which is pretty odd for something that’s supposed to be the same clip on loop for ten hours.”

When the revelation that he had found the “hidden porn” flashed up on the screen, he “felt like screaming” and “didn’t want to find any hidden porn…!”

Despite the video mishap, the competition raised £75 for charity and was won by 5 students at St Hugh’s.

Jack Owen, President of RAG, said: “Just like the entrants to the Burrito Eating contest he was promoting, this event officer bit off more than he could chew.”

The rep who was responsible asserted: “No nudity occurred in the competition”.


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