6th week: Winging It


Recently interviewed in this section, Michael Grandage’s West End season has just picked up 4 WhatsOnStage awards, including ‘Best Director’ for Grandage himself. Coincidence? I think not. So, who’s next?


The Royal Academy of Dance’s journal Dance Gazette this week published a survey in which ballet company directors revealed the full extent of their (and the public’s) myopia when it comes to show selection outside the capital. Essentially, if it doesn’t involve a swan then it isn’t going to sell and so won’t be staged. Keep it up everyone, we’re on the way to “democratising” another art form out of existence.


I’m sick of hearing about the latest production of this or that Beckett play. The frequency of their staging is becoming as relentlessly monotonous as the repetition in his writing. Other modern playwrights also happened to write plays, why not acknowledge it a little more perhaps?