Somerville hit by vomit scandal

Somerville has been hit by a third vomit scandal in six months after “worrisome reports about the behaviour at Half-way Hall”.

Sick was found at locations around the college, including residential buildings. Some members of the JCR’s Executive Committee received fines of £10 each, while cleaning costs are being split equally between JCR members who attended halfway hall.

In an email, JCR President Rachel Dickenson called for those responsible to come forward and receive a “reasonable” fine.

“I regret to inform you that the Decanal Office received many worrisome reports about the behaviour at Half-way Hall, as well as the aftermath, from the Lodge, the Catering Department and Housekeeping. Vomit was found in hall, in the adjacent corridors and in the Terrace, as well as in several other residential buildings around college,” she said.

“This has incurred a substantial additional cleaning cost which means that it falls to us to foot the bill. Currently, the Entz team and I have each been fined but this still leaves a large proportion of the total cost, which at the moment we plan to divide equally amongst those who attended Half-way hall.

“In the interests of being fair to friends and fellow students, may I please encourage anybody who was sick to contact me. This will remain strictly confidential and any names given will not be passed on. Any fine given to you will be reasonable and will hopefully reduce the fine we seem to have no choice but to impose on other students,” she added.

Somerville frequently suffers from vomit-induced sagas. In October of last year, members of the housekeeping staff were greeted with “horrific remnants” of “sick all over the bathrooms of FAH, so much so that one toilet was blocked”.

This was followed by a similar incident in November, when scouts were again met with pools of vomit after a Halloween party continued until 2am. At the time, one student branded college authorities “meanies” and claimed the party was simply an attempt to “showcase our magnificent costumes”.