Banerjee elected Union President

Mayank Banerjee has been elected President of the Oxford Union in a record-turnout election.

Banerjee, a second year at St John’s, defeated Trinitarian Crawford Jamieson by 265 votes.

The contest was the first opposed presidential election in over a year.

Also elected was Lisa Wehden, Worcester, who defeated Rupert Cunningham, Christ Church, 823 to 349 for Secretary of the society.

Mehrunissa Sajjad, Merton, and Roberto Weeden-Sanz, St Benet’s Hall, were elected unopposed to the positions of Librarian and Treasurer respectively.

Banerjee’s victory with 829 votes to Jamieson’s 564 was announced at just after six this morning.

Last night an email was sent to over a thousand people in support of of Jamieson approximately half an hour before polls closed at 8.30pm last night.

The identity of the sender of the email remains unconfirmed. Canvassing via email is outlawed under the stringent Union electoral rules.

Banerjee, who is currently Treasurer, will be President in Michaelmas term next year, pending any election tribunals that may be submitted before the deadline on Sunday.