At the Shows – Oxford Fashion Week Blog 2014

Amidst the shifting crowds of students and commuters, under the gothic spires of dreams, Oxford Fashion Week returns to transform the centre of academia into a lively hub of style and glamour. The first week of March sees the exhibition of outfits from designers like Ted Baker, Karen Millen, and Clements & Church in a variety of shows ranging from High Street to Couture. Below is a coverage of all the shows in their respective order by Fashion Editor Fred Shan.



Tuesday 4th – High Street

An  intimate, casual show displayed at Varsity Club saw the transformation of bar space into a mini catwalk, where models strut from one end of the room to the other. The show featured designs from Next, Henri Castro, Lula Le Bon, Aspire Style, as well as bags from Brit-stitch.

The outfits mostly emitted the casualness that went alongside of high street shopping. Next showcased pieces that could easily be seen on a hard-working student in the Bod, whilst Henri Castro and Lula Le Bon offered dressier upgrades. As usual though, the menswear lagged behind womenswear in terms of uniqueness in design and was a little underwhelming. What lacked in menswear was made up by some of the more thoughtful designs, especially from Henri Castro. The brand was effective in playing around with various prints and mixing them with solid bold colours. The dresses also fitted beautifully, and helped to accentuate the features of the models. Lula Le Bon showcased a selection of well-crafted trench coats, the deep electric hues of which had a distinctively urban feel. Aspire Style exhibited their interpretation of the classic florals dress.

Editor’s Picks:


Stunning dress from Henri Castro, bringing to the High Street a certain feel of Couture.                                    Photo: Blower & Lyon



Henri Castro bringing modern art into Fashion – Florals are no longer enough                                               Photo: Blower & Lyon




Excellent fit with just the right choice of material to give off a beautiful shine from Lula Le Bon             Photo: Romain Reglade



A modern take on the spring classic with a distinctively vintage feel                                                                     Photo: Romain Reglade