Winging it: 7th Week


FD Levin


It is with great regret that I have to announce the departure from this publication of F D Levin. A letter sent to the office this week cited ‘editorial ineptitude, censorship and resulting artistic frustration’ as the root causes of his resignation.

Levin was considered to have the potential to be a great writer early in his career. He was later described as ‘the third best theatre critic in the entire Hereford Theatre Journal’. Unfortunately the journal was only able to afford two theatre critics due to cut-backs and so Levin was sacked. From there began what many fondly remember as ‘the lost years’, a period in which Levin appeared to disappear, evading employment, the taxman and his friend. It is thought he left the country, but the circumstances and validity of this claim are unfortunately unverifiable. It is from out of this wilderness that F D Levin came to us at the start of this term. His CV of wit, winning misanthropy and above all fierce dedication to the world of theatre was absolutely peccable, and so we decided to hire him. It is hoped he may one day return. And if you see him, remember to feed or employ him, though neither is a guarantee against your future evisceration by his pen, a lesson I myself have now learned.

He is currently rumoured to be the subject of a police investigation into identity front


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