Plush “devastated” after assault on Teddy Hall patron

The Plush Lounge has expressed “great regret” after Teddy Hall MCR member Jeanne Ryan was assaulted on the premises.

After the assault, which took place at approximately 1:55 on Saturday evening, Jeanne Ryan posted a “#nomakeupselfie” picture of her injuries (warning: graphic content) on Facebook. She said she was assaulted “for telling a guy in a club who groped me that it is completely inappropriate to touch a woman without her consent, I was beaten. He told me to “Smile!”, too.”

Ryan added: “No, we do not have to wear makeup, no, we do not have to smile and, most importantly, no, we do NOT have to be touched“.

The post ended urging readers to donate to the Oxford Rape and Crisis Centre “to channel my rage into something constructive”. Her page on the donation website JustGiving had, at the time of writing, received £5799 of donations and her post had been shared 4,245 times.

Plush’s manager, Stuart Hayle, said: “Plush prides itself on its excellent reputation as a safe and aggression-free environment where incidents of this nature are extremely rare. The entire management team is devastated by what has happened, and our thoughts at this time are with the very brave victim.”

“As a venue, we are very selective about to whom we allow entry, and we maintain very high standards of behaviour to which we expect our clientele to adhere. As a result, we have virtually no violent incidents in our club,” he added.

Hayle further claimed that double the legal requirement for door staff were on duty on Saturday.

He added that, after calling an ambulance for Jeanne, door staff pursued her attacker. As they failed to apprehend him, Plush has provided CCTV footage to the police to assist in their investigation.

Marcus Le, a first-year at Magdalen, said the incident was “sickening”.

“It is an utter disgrace that such atrocities are still taking place today and I am especially shocked that it happened in a city, which prides itself as the “city of spires.” Jeanne should not have had to fight off anyone for sexually molesting her in the first place, and to be attacked for it is sickening and makes me feel ashamed to be part of this community,” he said.

A full statement from Jeanne Ryan is to follow. To donate to the Oxford Rape and Crisis Centre, text OXRC47 to 70070 or visit