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In a new e-book, ‘Jabujicaba’, Rosa da Silva delivers a thought-provoking environmental message about the state of the Brazilian rainforest through a powerful, yet subtle story of corrupt politics, covered up disasters, and exploration of the intricacies in the rainforest’s ecology.

The book follows Carmen Macedo, a journalist living in London, who upon returning to her home town in Brazil, is sent on an investigation deep into the Amazon rainforest to uncover the facts behind a fifteen year old tragedy. The journey in fact leads her to a wider mission – to stop the auction of Brazil’s forest land before it is too late.

Unlike many eco-campaigns, Jabujicaba is not in-your-face about the underlying message: the idea that we must all work together to save the rainforest for the good of the earth is delivered through an increased understanding of the implications of its destruction from the point of view of natives, scientists, politicians and ultimately, the rest of the world. By the end of the book the directive is clear – the price of the rainforest is in fact the price we must pay for a better tomorrow.

The plot is captivating from the off with mysterious spies lurking in Carmen’s garden, pirates haunting her mind’s eye, her closely woven familial connections to the Brazilian president and the Forestry Police. When she is sent as an investigative journalist to the Pedra do Altar, she meets the mysterious Braga – a kindred free-spirit from the Great Green City, and close friend of the Professor (a past lover of Carmen’s deceased mother, a genius scientist and rainforest nature enthusiast). They both represent two different ways to appreciate the rainforest, with it being Braga’s home and great love, and an endless academic joy to the Professor.

The whole book is hypnotizing; half the book can fly by in a blend of other worldly description of the rainforest; bright and vivid colours, animals and sounds, heat, humidity and the smells. Before you know it you find yourself at the dramatic climax with the rainforest on the brink of being sold off to people with little love for it. The plot line cleverly steers the audience to truly believe the rainforest is worth saving with unexpected twists and turns right up until the very end!

Da Silva has found a truly novel way to excite readers with real-life issues and allows them to discover the secrets of the rainforest, and hence gain an appreciation for it, alongside the main characters.

More details can be found at http://www.jabujicaba.net/ – with all royalties from the sale of the e-book going to the World Land Trust for forest conservation projects in Brazil.


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