Liveblog: NUS National Conference 2014

The Oxford Student are here at NUS National Conference 2014, where hundreds of delegates from student unions across the country are gathered to set policy for our national union for the coming year, and elect our representatives. For most students, it might be something that you’ve never heard of, have no idea about or simply see as a collection of hacks in a room somewhere deciding things that are completely irrelevant to the overwhelming majority of us. One might agree or disagree with the campaigns and policies of NUS, but the reality is that they do affect students. Whether it’s fighting tuition fees or supporting liberation campaigns, whether it’s taking the views of students to politicians or discussing academic feedback, NUS Conference is the place where policies are decided with a mandate representing millions of students in FE and HE. It is a daunting place, and can be highly inaccessible. This liveblog aims to demystify NUS, explain what happens and give students a look inside what is a unique and often intriguing process. With a referendum of Oxford’s NUS membership coming up, we would do well to be informed.

Tweet at us @TheOxStu and use the hashtag #nusnc14 to join the debate, or email [email protected] with any longer ideas, contributions and reactions you have. All views from all people welcome.