Oxford Blues robbed during Boat Race

The Oxford first boat minibus was robbed while the Blues were beating Cambridge in last week’s Boat Race, it has been revealed.

One of the first boat rowers, Constantine Louloudis, posted on Facebook: “Unfortunately, all our valuables were stolen while we were putting in the big strokes.”

“But we couldn’t really care about that right now. Champagne has never tasted so sweet!” he added.

Malcolm Howard, Oxford Boat Club President, commented: “We were irritated about the theft but we did not let it spoil the win. The matter is now the hands of the police. No indication of who stole from the minibus.”

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police stated: “Officers from Hounslow police are investigating after an allegation of theft from a minibus that contained personal property belonging to the Oxford boat race rowing crew. The theft happened on Sunday, 06 April between 17:20hrs and 19:00hrs.

“A blue Ford minibus, being used by the crew, had been parked and left unattended at The Quintin Boat Club. Left in the van was a rucksack and a red cotton valuables bag that contained personal property belonging to seven of the Oxford boat crew.”

The spokesperson continued: “When the driver returned to the minibus she found the valuables bag and rucksack had been stolen. The rucksack was later found in a nearby toilet with a purse containing £40 taken from it.”

A Magdalen Rower condemned the theft as “in extremely poor taste, whoever did it”.

Anyone with information about this crime should contact Acting Detective Sergeant Andy Jackson at Hounslow police.