Duck receives housing benefits

The Teddy Hall duck caused quite a stir two weeks ago when it made a triumphant return to College premises. 

Students and staff at the college were surprised to see the duck, which spent the morning by the pond outside the JCR with her latest brood of 13 ducklings.

Members of the College expressed a mixture of shock and delight at the news. Mariette Moor, a first-year art student, said: “They’re so cute! I’m going to go find these ducklings!”

Isobel Jesper Jones, first-year English student at Teddy Hall, was baffled by the news: “We have a college duck?”

The mother duck was seemingly unruffled by the attention she and her ducklings were attracting. However, students and staff were keen to see the duck and its family back in their habitat as soon as possible.

Around lunchtime, Margery Infield – former JCR President and “wildfowl rescue expert” – stepped in to help guide the brood to the river. She was helped by last year’s Teddy Hall Women’s Boat Club Captain Silke Rieger.

Together they chased the ducklings into a box, narrowly avoiding being pecked by their mother. The ducklings were then taken to the river, with their angry mother in keen pursuit.

After a near-fatal collision with some traffic and a trip across the Botanical Gardens, the mother duck was safely reunited with her ducklings.

“Catching the ducks was pretty tricky”, reported Ingfield, “but the worst part was trying to entice the very angry

mother to follow us down to the river. She went berserk!”

“Fortunately, disaster was averted and all the ducklings were reunited with their mum. It was an eggsellent result!”