Socks and sandals – back in style?

Would you ever have considered that you might be following in your dad’s footsteps when it came to fashion? No, me neither. But this spring that is exactly what you need to do. Gone are the days when socks and sandals were simply an embarrassing combination that your dad wore on holiday. Dads all over the country are now leading the way in the spring style stakes.

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This season, socks should no longer remain a practicality, hidden from view, under your boots. They need to be out in the open for everyone to see. Any outfit can instantly become high fashion with the addition of a pair of socks and though, the thought is a little daunting, fashion is all about taking a risk.

Your sock needs to become your new best friend, though it is understandable that for some of you this friendship might take some time to develop. In order to help you overcome this, let’s look back and remember that just a few years ago we were scared to wear brogues, or ‘granny shoes’ as they were once known. Now we are a nation of granny footwear; we have unleashed our inner grandma and now it is time to unleash our inner dad.

When we think about socks, most people instantly picture a plain white trainer sock, but just look around and you will see the sock has had a makeover. The current list of styles is endless; lace socks, patterned socks, mesh socks, knee high socks, jewelled socks, I could go on.

heels and socks

If these haven’t enticed you enough, socks look fabulous when worn with heels and what better way to look cool but remain comfortable – girls the days of blisters are over – we no longer need to suffer for beauty. To top it off, the addition of fashion socks to our wardrobe means we can get far more wear out of our summer sandals and heels, for we can start wearing them all year – there’s no need to worry about the cold.

So next time when you put on your sandals or heels, ask yourself the question; can I rock the socks?