Oxide brings meshuggunah Thursdays

Two of the biggest names of the Oxford Jewish community are set to hit the airwaves with a new Oxide show, Jewkbox.

The student radio station will play host to L J Trup, OUSU President-elect, and Ben Goldstein, former OxStu Deputy Editor, this term for their new show. The pair have adopted the nicknames LJT and Boldstein for their DJ personas.

The show is set to feature a mixture of music from Jewish and Israeli artists both well-known and less mainstream. The hosts have indicated that everyone from American rapper Matisyahu to Israeli band Hadag Nadash and popstar P!nk will enjoy a slot.

They also promise stellar chat of the Jewish variety, featuring schmooze and chutzpah galore, two things these well known gentlemen certainly do not lack.

They aim to use their show to relax ‘hard-pressed’ Oxford students. The pair commented: “We are unmeasurably excited for our big launch; the ears of hard-pressed over-worked Oxonians have been deprived for too long of the dulcet tones of Matisyahu, Hadag Nahash and P!nk (yup, who knew?).”

They also do not hesitate to use the status of next year’s OUSU boss to garner publicity, marketing him as “the most desirable man in Oxford and/or Jewish North West London” in their official press release.

The show will take place from this Thursday at 7pm. A statement on their Facebook page encourages people to “listen in from wherever you are in the world (includes outside North London).” The show will be broadcast online, indeed allowing listeners to tune in from all over the globe.

Encouraging students to turn on Oxide on Thursday, they added: “You’d be meshuggunah (cray-cray) not to listen in, OxJew readers.

“If we crack double figures in listeners, our neurotic Jewish mothers will shep more nachas than when we got into Oxford – do us a favour, and tune in to Oxide at 7pm Thursday.”

The show will capitalise on LJ Trup’s recent landslide victory in the Michaelmas OUSU elections, being elected to the position of President by a massive margin of 716 votes over his nearest rival, Jane Cahill.

Trup will take up the position of OUSU President in July after handover from his predecessor Tom Rutland.